Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday July 31st 2012
Day Seventeen at Mountain Creek State High School

I really love hoping on my bike and riding by the beautiful beach and sun rise every morning. It seriously is a great way to start the day. That may be one of the more significant things I will miss once I am back home. I think the atmosphere here plays a large role in people’s happiness. How can you walk outside to a view like that and be unhappy. Once I arrived at school I was able to settle into my desk and get my morning tea. I love coming here to my normal schedule each morning. This is already week 4 and it is crazy how fast it has been going. Session 1 I took over my teachers Sociology class. This theory class is my year 12 students who I see twice later in the week for aerobics. I know all of their names, which feels great. I have never taught sociology, but after planning for the lesson I realized I was able to add in information I never knew would come in handy. I feel comfortable up in front of these students because I see them so often and they know me. I am not scared to tell them to be quiet when I am talking, I do not think they try to be rude, just a habit. Because they see me so often, when I tell them to stop, they do. This is such a nice switch from my year 8 class who I constantly have to remind. It really is the fact of working with children and young adults. They are so different. The assessment for this class is to write a reflective essay discussing their success in their competitive aerobics unit based on gender construction over time. Basically this is going to be an easier task for the gentlemen considering aerobics is constructed in a feminine manor. They will be able to find more information discussing why aerobics is more for females, and then base their efforts in aerobics to these stereotypes. A few of my male students have really ignored all the bias and got into the unit. They look great and are really putting tons of effort into their routines. It is nice to know not all teenagers are concerned about what their friends may say. This is for their grade! It shocks me how embarrassed some of them are. I hope I can help them out in this area, and teach them more than just sociology or aerobics. I want my students to know how little these judgments mean later in life. I want them to see the bigger picture of life, to realize that what you put into school will be worthwhile down the road. Session 2 I did not teach, and the rest of my day was spent planning. Next week I will be getting observed for the second time! I am excited. I feel well prepared and planned. I know what I am doing all the way up to next Friday, now I just have to create the lessons! It is so nice to be organized; I love that quality I built in myself. I am glad to have my teacher guiding me; she is really looking out for my best interest here. She throws me into things I would usually stray from, and I know this is all for my benefit. After lunch today I stayed late at school and met a few students at the dance studio. I helped them with their routines by watching, providing feedback, giving ideas, and playing their music. I loved being available for those seeking extra help. We also had a staff meeting later in the afternoon. These are not the most interesting meetings, but still educational for me to attend. It was a long day and it feels good to relax! 

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