Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday September 5th 2012
Day Forty Three at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was a very easy going day. Year 12 students are taking the QCS tests this week. This means that all year 12 students participating come to the student center and sit for the exam. All other year 12 students just do not have class. Basically this gave me a whole bunch of free time. I have already finished up my planning for the week, and today I decided to start organizing my things at my desk. It was a sad task to do. Session 4 was my only class today and it was year 9 sexuality. I was so excited ready to go with a whole bunch of prizes. I spent so much time creating this jeopardy game for the students that literally went right along with their exam next week. I thought they would have fun and play the game while learning. Honestly it was a disaster. I gave them 5 minutes to review before hand and even from the start they were chatty. I hate yelling at these students but I had to because they were just so hyped up. By the time we finally started the game I must have commented on behavior at least 6 times already. During the game I was trying my best to ignore the constant talking and lack of attention, but I could not take it anymore. I was done. I told them absolutely no talking for the rest of class. I shut my laptop and put all my stuff away and sat there in silence with them. After 15 minutes, I had them all grab a sheet of paper and write out 5 reasons why I stopped the game and then 1 thing they did positively or negatively. Once they were finished I had them raise their hand and I came over to read what they had written. They all knew they were being rude and talkative. I just was so upset because these are usually my favorite students to have! I was so annoyed and felt totally disrespected. In the end they all seemed pretty disappointed in themselves. I have them tomorrow one last night in the gym, and I guess I will see how they behave then. I cannot get over the fact that this was how we ended our last theory lesson together. I am very disappointed in them and truly hope they understand why. 

Tuesday September 4th 2012
Day Forty Two at Mountain Creek State High

Today was my easy day! I have finished planning and grading almost everything for the rest of my week. I feel very organized! I know my teacher has gone about this a bit differently than Melissa’s teacher, but I am really thankful I have gotten the work I did. I have been responsible for grading all of the classes I have been teaching. I got practice in grading papers, assignments, and their practice abilities. It has been a good way to put the grading into perspective because it has been completely relevant to my teaching. After each time I finish grades, I have my teacher look through. We then go over any grades she might change and talk about why. I have loved this part of my student teaching! Today was a great time to get prepared because now I can enjoy the rest of my week day nights. 

Monday September 3rd 2012
Day Forty One at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was last Monday here at the school and it sure feels depressing. I keep thinking about how when I get home I have to go back to working at a restaurant, and then another practicum, and back to school for classes, then the search for a job begins. I just want to be a teacher and am getting a bit impatient! Being here, teaching here, has given me a real glimpse of being a part of a staff. I love it and do not want to lose it. I know it will be different when I student teach at home, so I am trying to savior every moment I can. Today session 2 was another oval lesson. I feel more confident and comfortable now. I took the class for a lesson of speedball and none of them knew it! This worked out well because when I was unsure of a rule, I could make my own judgment and none of them could dispute! My teacher and the teacher whose class we combined with just stayed back and let me take charge. They were literally totally off the oval far enough away if I needed them I’d have to blow my whistle. I really enjoyed this because I felt on my own. My teacher mentioned that she likes leaving me like that to give me a good idea on how it will be when it truly is just me. The lesson went well. At the end, the class who we have been combining with came up to me and thanked me for this term. I felt so appreciated! It was the last time I taught them and I thought it was so respectful. After everything, in the end, I know I have been a teacher these students like. I am so glad I got the chance to teach and learn from them all. 

Friday August 31st 2012
Day Forty at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was a full on day of aerobics!! I went to session one with Melissas teacher to hold our dress rehearsal. We video tapped them and I took the videos home for me to complete the assessments. They were all prepared fairly well with their routines completed. I only wish I could of spent more time with all the aerobics classes because I can compare how well my own class is to the others. There were a few really great routines! Session 2 it was my class and when I walked in I was SO happy to see all the groups in matching costumes. I thought it was adorable. It really proved to me how much they respect me by following my directions. This assessment is not compulsory nor for a grade, and yet they still ALL came, dressed and ready. I was so proud. Each group went and I probably looking like a fool with the big grin on my face. It amazed me how well they came out to be. I loved seeing them matching and performing for our visitors with confidence. In the end, the room was filled with energy and everyone seemed to be happy. We took a whole bunch of pictures and I am so glad to take these memories home with me. I went to visit another aerobics class session 3 to help with feedback. I have now seen all 4 aerobic classes and I think I am bias but I just love mine the most. I went into this class providing my students with a solid aerobic warm up each class, new moves to learn from me, help in finding songs, stretching, and cool downs; I can now see how much of a help all of that appropriate teaching did for my class. We truly set the bar for the rest and I am so proud to call them mine. I am sad I do not get to see the real assessments; however my teacher will send me the videos in email!

Thursday August 30th 2012
Day Thirty Nine at Mountain Creek State High School

Session 1 today was my aerobics class! We were all working hard to finish and perfect the routines. I am looking forward to holding my own dress rehearsal assessment tomorrow. I am proud of myself. The PE head director looked over the assessment I created, and asked if he could add it to their collection. I love the fact that my work is worthy for a real high school. I must have learned from the very best at home!! I feel so much a part of this team; I cannot imagine saying goodbye next week. Session 2 I was asked to come into another aerobics class to watch the routines and give feedback. It is interesting comparing all the classes’ abilities. Melissa and I ordered school polo’s a while back and they came in today. I am saving it to wear my last day. It is so bitter sweet being here. I fit in so well, but yet know in the back of my head I am leaving shortly. School has become complete habit and natural for me. I can only hope for my next placement to be the same.

Wednesday August 29th 2012
Day Thirty Eight at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was truly wonderful! Session 2 I took my year 12 students back out on the oval. Each time I have an oval lesson I am a bit anxious before. Today was different. Right before I went to gather equipment, my teacher and I went through the list of things to work on. A few things we mentioned were short bullet point instructions, 2 loud short whistle blows, big hand motions when needing them to come in rather than yelling, gathering a couple of students to learn the drill while others are warming up and then having them be my demonstrators, and being firm from the start. I have to say, listing and reminding myself these things right before I taught helped me 100%. After my lesson, my teacher said that was my best lesson out on the oval! I could even feel it. I knew it was going smooth from the very beginning, and the best part was the students were all there participating. I did not have to deal with one behavior issue in this session, which is a blessing! I was smiling big and just felt the energy pour through my veins. It feels really good to be successful, especially at something that has been a struggle. Session 4 was so hilarious. My year 9 sexuality class has to be one of my favorites. I wanted to create an activity to get them more involved. The more I teach in the class room, the more I want to change up what I am given to teach. Rather than taking the same approach as my teacher would, or other teachers, I decided to go a different route. We have been learning about different contraceptive methods which they will also be tested on. I made a criteria sheet explaining that they are to form groups and create a television commercial aid promoting the contraceptive method assigned to them. I gave them most class time to work and plan it out, then each group performed at the end. We held a silent vote and the winner received a prize. These skits were so funny! I was happy they got into it and I hope it will help them with their memory. Tonight Jordie and I went to the girls’ rugby game together. I really love seeing my students outside of school. They are great kids, and I am really going to miss them. They are so excited to see me supporting them, and I enjoy myself a ton!

Tuesday August 28th 2012
Day Thirty Seven at Mountain Creek State High School

When I got back to school this morning I decided to make some coffee! We have a new coffee machine in the staff house and my teacher and another teacher always drink a cup right away. I wanted to be nice and make them both a cup. It was hilarious because I had to try a couple times to get it right. But they were both happy and thankful when they came in this morning to a warm cup of coffee. My two classes today went smooth. Year 12 PED theory the students were finishing up the sociology assignment. It was great because this is the class where I graded their draft papers. It was good to help them write and make their papers better. It makes me a bit sad with how difficult it really is for them to complete this well. My teacher has thrown me a bunch of grading I can practice with. I love this new outlook on grading because it is heaps different than how we grade at home. I keep finding pros and cons for both Countries it’s hard to differentiate which way would work better. I am basically completing everything my teacher would for the end of the term and she is double checking my work before inputting the grades. I find it to be a bit much, but it will be worth the experience in the end. There was a staff meeting later in the afternoon so I just stayed and worked on some things to try and make it less overwhelming. It is my last two weeks and I just want to spend time in the sun, it’s very motivating to get my school work done quickly!!