Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday September 4th 2012
Day Forty Two at Mountain Creek State High

Today was my easy day! I have finished planning and grading almost everything for the rest of my week. I feel very organized! I know my teacher has gone about this a bit differently than Melissa’s teacher, but I am really thankful I have gotten the work I did. I have been responsible for grading all of the classes I have been teaching. I got practice in grading papers, assignments, and their practice abilities. It has been a good way to put the grading into perspective because it has been completely relevant to my teaching. After each time I finish grades, I have my teacher look through. We then go over any grades she might change and talk about why. I have loved this part of my student teaching! Today was a great time to get prepared because now I can enjoy the rest of my week day nights. 

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