Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday September 3rd 2012
Day Forty One at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was last Monday here at the school and it sure feels depressing. I keep thinking about how when I get home I have to go back to working at a restaurant, and then another practicum, and back to school for classes, then the search for a job begins. I just want to be a teacher and am getting a bit impatient! Being here, teaching here, has given me a real glimpse of being a part of a staff. I love it and do not want to lose it. I know it will be different when I student teach at home, so I am trying to savior every moment I can. Today session 2 was another oval lesson. I feel more confident and comfortable now. I took the class for a lesson of speedball and none of them knew it! This worked out well because when I was unsure of a rule, I could make my own judgment and none of them could dispute! My teacher and the teacher whose class we combined with just stayed back and let me take charge. They were literally totally off the oval far enough away if I needed them I’d have to blow my whistle. I really enjoyed this because I felt on my own. My teacher mentioned that she likes leaving me like that to give me a good idea on how it will be when it truly is just me. The lesson went well. At the end, the class who we have been combining with came up to me and thanked me for this term. I felt so appreciated! It was the last time I taught them and I thought it was so respectful. After everything, in the end, I know I have been a teacher these students like. I am so glad I got the chance to teach and learn from them all. 

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