Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday August 27th 2012
Day Thirty Six at Mountain Creek State High School

I had today off! My friend Sharon and I decided to go to the Australian Zoo. Each term we are allowed to choose one long weekend to take off and most people will travel. My roommates went to Sydney with a fair bit of others. I choose to save money and stay here for the weekend, but I still took my one day off!! The weekend was amazing and I knew I could use the extra rest. My experiences here are absolutely incredible. It is almost unreal all of the things I am doing because of who I have connected with while here. I attended a motor cross race Sunday morning where Sharon’s good friend Andrew’s company sponsors a team called Full Force. They entire family is involved including his Mum, Dad, brother, uncle, cousin and a bunch of friends. The rider who is his close friend is an amazing racer. He is something like 6th best in all of Australia. It was awesome to be a part of this experience and getting to see behind the scenes. Andrew and his company (CarsRus) provided a huge end of season party for Full Force, friends, and family. Sharon and I were also invited and included for this. So Sunday night we got all dolled up, helped finishing set up, and went to walk the red carpet of their factory entering the party. We helped the caterer in serving his dishes while tasting each one before, which were all so good! The motor bikes were all on display, expensive cars were on display and guarded by security, live band, bar setup, beautiful decorations, and just a fun time! I felt a bit out of place considering how fancy this party was, but all in all it was amazing. We decided to take today off in order to rest and relax after our big day yesterday. The Zoo was beautiful! I love going and seeing the different set ups and how animals are displayed. I have been to many Zoos and enjoy myself each time. It was a great day walking around with no worries. Tonight my friend Jordie came over to my apartment and I cooked him and my roommates dinner! It is fun to hang out with another pre-service teacher outside of school. We get along great and it was a good way to end my long weekend!

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