Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday August 28th 2012
Day Thirty Seven at Mountain Creek State High School

When I got back to school this morning I decided to make some coffee! We have a new coffee machine in the staff house and my teacher and another teacher always drink a cup right away. I wanted to be nice and make them both a cup. It was hilarious because I had to try a couple times to get it right. But they were both happy and thankful when they came in this morning to a warm cup of coffee. My two classes today went smooth. Year 12 PED theory the students were finishing up the sociology assignment. It was great because this is the class where I graded their draft papers. It was good to help them write and make their papers better. It makes me a bit sad with how difficult it really is for them to complete this well. My teacher has thrown me a bunch of grading I can practice with. I love this new outlook on grading because it is heaps different than how we grade at home. I keep finding pros and cons for both Countries it’s hard to differentiate which way would work better. I am basically completing everything my teacher would for the end of the term and she is double checking my work before inputting the grades. I find it to be a bit much, but it will be worth the experience in the end. There was a staff meeting later in the afternoon so I just stayed and worked on some things to try and make it less overwhelming. It is my last two weeks and I just want to spend time in the sun, it’s very motivating to get my school work done quickly!! 

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