Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank you St. Marys Collage

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Lab Five!!

Check out HERE to read about lab 5! This lab was our Thanksgiving theme. I think we all did a great job incorporating Thanksgiving into our games and activities. It was cold and rainy so we did not get to go outside. However I sure was sweating by the end of the lab. My group was with the older kids. They really are into their own thing at first. I sat down with two girls that were playing with legos. Man I have not played with those things much in my entire life. I was just making some little platform, and guess what??? They wanted to use it for their special ship they were making. Haha I couldn't believe it.
Once we got into the gym the kids seemed pretty hyper! (as usual) We were playing lots of competitive games and the boys were absolutely loving it. Some of the girls were getting bored of it and decided to jump rope instead. There was one game that resembled musical chairs. I realized that the ones who were getting out each round looked so sad! I started a group for the people out in the center of the circle and it became a dance party! This was so funny. We were all cracking up doing different dance movements and before we knew it others were saying they wanted to be out so they could join. I know I look so silly when doing this but I really could care less because I truly get to enjoy myself during these 2 hours. I love hearing them laugh and giggle, and I love seeing them all having fun while being active. Lab 5 was a definite success!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chapter 7 VIDEO SKIT

 If you're interested in learning about infant reflexes you better get ready to move your body!! This is a skit made by my lab group. We put lots of time and effort into the lyrics and video efforts. I had so much fun!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lab Four!!

Wow!! The children were hyper and loud this time around! They always seem to have energy flying high, but this afternoon they all seemed happier. I have to get right into a story about this one little girl because it was just so funny I can't wait. She was explaining about the beauty pageants she goes to. She was so excited and so into it I was smiling from ear to ear. I really do not understand a child being in something like a beauty pageant, but this little girl seemed so extremely happy about it I couldn't help but become more interested. She was doing this type of catwalk down the lines back and forth, moving her legs side to side, and lifting her knees up real high. OH my it was so adorable and funny at the same time. Destiny and I were trying to have her teach us the moves. It was really fun! Early in the lab my group and I taught the beginning games. At first it was hard to get their attention. It was up to me to have them all come over and listen to game instructions. Once I got to thinking about it, it made more sense to me. The children are coming from a full day of school. They finally sit down and are talking and being loud, another person is telling them to be quiet! Maybe at first they just all so loud it truly is hard to hear; or they could just ignore you for as long as they feel like it haha.

Anyways I played a game that was about Halloween in hopes it could engage them. I think it went pretty good. I know it would have went better if we demonstrated the game before hand. I felt like during the instructions I wanted to get them over fast enough so I didn't lost their attention, and I might have gone to fast.

I was shocked that we went outside because I guess I just assumed that was over for the year. I did not bring a coat because usually I am so hot and sweaty running around! When we were outside it was the first time I was on the bigger playground, with older kids. I could not help but over hear and laugh to myself what they 5th graders talk about. Some of the boys would be sitting and just hanging out and when I asked them why they weren't playing they said "that's for the first graders not the fifth graders". It really put me back to when I was in 5th grade and how I acted! It truly made me laugh and reminisce on a time that was not too far ago, yet it seems worlds apart. I have been enjoying these labs and I really am enjoying hanging around the children. Their laughter, loudness, and energy make it unforgettable! If you want to read more about this lab click HERE!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lab Three!!

Lab was different for me today. We had to create rough drafts of posters for the gym walls. The posters were suppose to be motor developmental skills that have certain cues on them in order for the younger children to understand and see. We made posters on how to jump, hop, skip, slide, gallop, run, and a few others. We were all laughing because it was difficult for use to draw feet! Who would have thought. Ultimately I think this was an influential idea. It would be great to bring a child to a poster and say something like "see how the feet are placed in this poster". It gives the child a visual other than us showing them. Everyone learns differently and I think it was a smart plan to get these posters up. The end of the game went okay. We played a version of blob tag and incorporated sports with coaches and team players. The children seemed more interested in just running around together rather than actually forming the blob. I thought it would go smoother than it actually did. The dance and chant went really well though! I know some older kids think these dances are lame, but in the end I can see on their faces they are enjoying themselves. Click HERE to read more about the two children we observed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lab Two!!

Today was wild! The children loved running around, all over, up, down, and even tried to run up my legs! Being with the younger kids really helps me replay my childhood in my head. Today there were numerous times I thought about how hot and sweaty I was, but the kids could have cared less. They were hot, sweaty, and dirty, but still had a blast. I can't remember if I was ever like that haha! I think that today went really well for my group. We had a plan to do a craft in the pre-k room but it was nice so we went outside instead. Being out there just like I mentioned before is just like imaginary world. I did whatever they wanted me to do even if that meant "going to jail and eating pretend ice cream" 25 times. It was so funny today because some of the kids were actually more comfortable around me and truly used great imagination skills and played with me. I think it was hard for me to be quiet during the other groups teaching because I was eager to help them to ensure everything going smooth. I need to remember we all teach and learn differently. I am excited for next lab where I get to be more in control of a game! Today we got to see a lot of different skills tested. It was so interesting to me how great a student did compared to other students who just did not get the skill. We had walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and galloping. Although these are basic skills, for some children it was challenging. To read more on the children we observed during lab click HERE!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

To dodge or not to dodge ...

The subject on dodge ball and several other similar activities has been controversial for years. In my eyes this is an easy topic. A game that has children as the targets should not be promoted in a school setting. If kids want to play these games out on their own, that is there choice. However, in school it is our job as professional teachers to uphold the integrity of our mission as physical educators. The NASPE standards are aimed for child growth and motor development, variety in skills, social behavior, and among all things to be physical educated. The games that anyone can teach, well what is the point in that? If the children can teach themselves the game and play on their own, then I do  not see the purpose of playing in school.

I would not choose either kickball or dodge ball for an activity in class. These games along with the other 'hall of shame' games promote violence, bullying, ganging up on a smaller child, separation, and exclusion. Yes it can be fun if everyone enjoys the game, but not everyone in PE will. When I am a PE teacher I will do it differently. For some reason if I need a 'filler' day, perhaps kick ball could be an option, with modifications of course. The reason I would choose kickball to range off of is because it is similar to baseball and softball with running the bases and typical rules. The modifications would be that instead of being able to throw the ball at a student to get them out, the ball needs to be either caught or ran back to the base. This way, it eliminates the child as being the target. It will still be enhancing running, throwing, catching, kicking and teamwork but without the target issue. Students who do not want to play the kickball game will have ANOTHER option. Many teachers forget to give options for students. Not everyone is an athlete and defiantly not everyone enjoys sport activities. That is why if we have kickball as a 'filler' activity, I would provide an alternative option such as going to the weight room or ask for suggestions from these students. Any activity that makes a student feel uncomfortable needs to adjustable in order to ensure all students are being active during PE class. There are thousands of options out there that can be used in class. Let's keep PE an enjoyable safe environment. Ultimately that is our goal right? To create physically educated people, who will be able to enjoy activities for their life journey.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lab One!!

Click here to read about my LAB ONE!

St. Mary's was so fun. But wow was I exhausted. I did not realize how much energy it would take to "play" around with children. The funny part is,  even though I was with the youngest kids, I think I had to do a lot more work than others. The older the children, the more they know what they like and don't like. They understand if they want to play a certain game or sport. With these younger children we had to literally come up with imaginary games on the spot. I do not think children understand how lucky they are!! If only I could go back to a "free" time and play ice cream shop. It was hilarious what they were all saying and so dang cute. There were some children who were just off the wall hyper and it was awesome seeing them engage and run around. I did have this one little boy named Lucas who was only 3 years old, he was attached to my hip. He did not talk to me much but he just kept coming back to my legs. He always looked up at me and smiled and he constantly wanted my attention. Sometimes by how children act it just makes you wonder about their life outside school. I could not help but think about if he maybe got too much attention and was just used to it, or perhaps he did not get enough at all. I loved interacting with them and I am so eager to go back!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learning and loving - homework #1

Too many people today are blind to how important physical education is. It amazes me that America has an obesity epidemic yet PE classes are STILL being cut from schools. To me it has always been obvious why fundamental skill development and assessment is so important for this profession. The most important factor is the health of the children. Somewhere along the line true “healthy lifestyles” got lost. Majority of the world fails to see why children develop the way they do, and what can be done to help it get better. We need to understand how a child develops and then asses what we can do to make sure they develop well rounded. Most adults pick just one domain and focus in on it. While a lot of schools choose the cognitive domain, the psychomotor and affective are lacking attention. Life is about teamwork, respectfulness, honesty, and many other great qualities. Without a well life, our children will not even see the true potentials they have. Physical fitness can be defined as the ability to perform daily tasks without fatigue and to have the energy reserves needed to participate in additional physical activities as well as to meet emergency needs. The NASPE standards are what hold the future for children physically. Our goal is to become all of those 7 standards in order to accomplish a physically educated world. It is necessary for not only teachers, but everyone to be aware of how far behind most children are today. It is more common to see a child panting for breath after two laps around a gym rather than competing against another to be faster. Children learn through movement and it can enhance their motor, cognitive, and affective domains. Physical activity is a quality factor in creating a positive self-concept and positive socialization. Through physical education children can learn new concepts, strategies, and other was to solve problems. Accurate assessment needs to be a daily task for this profession. If we know where our students are developmentally, we will be able to plan according to their ability. We must select specific movement experiences and consider the individual appropriateness of the movement activities in order to see the best results in the children.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day One with the Kids

Yesterday was extremely fun. I never imagined the school to be so crazy. Everyone was running around and yelling and just being themselves. They looked like they were totally letting loose and enjoying themselves. It was interesting to see which children would love to participate and the few children who refused. I ran into this problem in the beginning while we were all today and also in the smaller groups. It's hard to figure out what exactly they want. I am so eager to continue this and get to know the students. It felt fun and exhilarating playing as a child again. The easy life.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Every ending is a new begining...

I have never felt so ready to start these next two years of my life. When Professors are just as excited as you are it makes a world of difference! At first doing this whole "blog" thing got me a bit confused. I am still trying to master it. Over the summer I grew and understood that I am in a career path that can start a change for the whole universe. I have been noticing young children at the grocery store and what thier parents have in the chart. It's a NO BRAINER why the USA has such an obesity epidemic. I think God gave me my spunky personality to help students learn and improve habits. All I have to do now is get through Cortland ;)