Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lab Three!!

Lab was different for me today. We had to create rough drafts of posters for the gym walls. The posters were suppose to be motor developmental skills that have certain cues on them in order for the younger children to understand and see. We made posters on how to jump, hop, skip, slide, gallop, run, and a few others. We were all laughing because it was difficult for use to draw feet! Who would have thought. Ultimately I think this was an influential idea. It would be great to bring a child to a poster and say something like "see how the feet are placed in this poster". It gives the child a visual other than us showing them. Everyone learns differently and I think it was a smart plan to get these posters up. The end of the game went okay. We played a version of blob tag and incorporated sports with coaches and team players. The children seemed more interested in just running around together rather than actually forming the blob. I thought it would go smoother than it actually did. The dance and chant went really well though! I know some older kids think these dances are lame, but in the end I can see on their faces they are enjoying themselves. Click HERE to read more about the two children we observed.