Monday, September 26, 2011

Lab Two!!

Today was wild! The children loved running around, all over, up, down, and even tried to run up my legs! Being with the younger kids really helps me replay my childhood in my head. Today there were numerous times I thought about how hot and sweaty I was, but the kids could have cared less. They were hot, sweaty, and dirty, but still had a blast. I can't remember if I was ever like that haha! I think that today went really well for my group. We had a plan to do a craft in the pre-k room but it was nice so we went outside instead. Being out there just like I mentioned before is just like imaginary world. I did whatever they wanted me to do even if that meant "going to jail and eating pretend ice cream" 25 times. It was so funny today because some of the kids were actually more comfortable around me and truly used great imagination skills and played with me. I think it was hard for me to be quiet during the other groups teaching because I was eager to help them to ensure everything going smooth. I need to remember we all teach and learn differently. I am excited for next lab where I get to be more in control of a game! Today we got to see a lot of different skills tested. It was so interesting to me how great a student did compared to other students who just did not get the skill. We had walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and galloping. Although these are basic skills, for some children it was challenging. To read more on the children we observed during lab click HERE!

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