Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lab Four!!

Wow!! The children were hyper and loud this time around! They always seem to have energy flying high, but this afternoon they all seemed happier. I have to get right into a story about this one little girl because it was just so funny I can't wait. She was explaining about the beauty pageants she goes to. She was so excited and so into it I was smiling from ear to ear. I really do not understand a child being in something like a beauty pageant, but this little girl seemed so extremely happy about it I couldn't help but become more interested. She was doing this type of catwalk down the lines back and forth, moving her legs side to side, and lifting her knees up real high. OH my it was so adorable and funny at the same time. Destiny and I were trying to have her teach us the moves. It was really fun! Early in the lab my group and I taught the beginning games. At first it was hard to get their attention. It was up to me to have them all come over and listen to game instructions. Once I got to thinking about it, it made more sense to me. The children are coming from a full day of school. They finally sit down and are talking and being loud, another person is telling them to be quiet! Maybe at first they just all so loud it truly is hard to hear; or they could just ignore you for as long as they feel like it haha.

Anyways I played a game that was about Halloween in hopes it could engage them. I think it went pretty good. I know it would have went better if we demonstrated the game before hand. I felt like during the instructions I wanted to get them over fast enough so I didn't lost their attention, and I might have gone to fast.

I was shocked that we went outside because I guess I just assumed that was over for the year. I did not bring a coat because usually I am so hot and sweaty running around! When we were outside it was the first time I was on the bigger playground, with older kids. I could not help but over hear and laugh to myself what they 5th graders talk about. Some of the boys would be sitting and just hanging out and when I asked them why they weren't playing they said "that's for the first graders not the fifth graders". It really put me back to when I was in 5th grade and how I acted! It truly made me laugh and reminisce on a time that was not too far ago, yet it seems worlds apart. I have been enjoying these labs and I really am enjoying hanging around the children. Their laughter, loudness, and energy make it unforgettable! If you want to read more about this lab click HERE!!!

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