Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lab Five!!

Check out HERE to read about lab 5! This lab was our Thanksgiving theme. I think we all did a great job incorporating Thanksgiving into our games and activities. It was cold and rainy so we did not get to go outside. However I sure was sweating by the end of the lab. My group was with the older kids. They really are into their own thing at first. I sat down with two girls that were playing with legos. Man I have not played with those things much in my entire life. I was just making some little platform, and guess what??? They wanted to use it for their special ship they were making. Haha I couldn't believe it.
Once we got into the gym the kids seemed pretty hyper! (as usual) We were playing lots of competitive games and the boys were absolutely loving it. Some of the girls were getting bored of it and decided to jump rope instead. There was one game that resembled musical chairs. I realized that the ones who were getting out each round looked so sad! I started a group for the people out in the center of the circle and it became a dance party! This was so funny. We were all cracking up doing different dance movements and before we knew it others were saying they wanted to be out so they could join. I know I look so silly when doing this but I really could care less because I truly get to enjoy myself during these 2 hours. I love hearing them laugh and giggle, and I love seeing them all having fun while being active. Lab 5 was a definite success!

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