Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday August 29th 2012
Day Thirty Eight at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was truly wonderful! Session 2 I took my year 12 students back out on the oval. Each time I have an oval lesson I am a bit anxious before. Today was different. Right before I went to gather equipment, my teacher and I went through the list of things to work on. A few things we mentioned were short bullet point instructions, 2 loud short whistle blows, big hand motions when needing them to come in rather than yelling, gathering a couple of students to learn the drill while others are warming up and then having them be my demonstrators, and being firm from the start. I have to say, listing and reminding myself these things right before I taught helped me 100%. After my lesson, my teacher said that was my best lesson out on the oval! I could even feel it. I knew it was going smooth from the very beginning, and the best part was the students were all there participating. I did not have to deal with one behavior issue in this session, which is a blessing! I was smiling big and just felt the energy pour through my veins. It feels really good to be successful, especially at something that has been a struggle. Session 4 was so hilarious. My year 9 sexuality class has to be one of my favorites. I wanted to create an activity to get them more involved. The more I teach in the class room, the more I want to change up what I am given to teach. Rather than taking the same approach as my teacher would, or other teachers, I decided to go a different route. We have been learning about different contraceptive methods which they will also be tested on. I made a criteria sheet explaining that they are to form groups and create a television commercial aid promoting the contraceptive method assigned to them. I gave them most class time to work and plan it out, then each group performed at the end. We held a silent vote and the winner received a prize. These skits were so funny! I was happy they got into it and I hope it will help them with their memory. Tonight Jordie and I went to the girls’ rugby game together. I really love seeing my students outside of school. They are great kids, and I am really going to miss them. They are so excited to see me supporting them, and I enjoy myself a ton!

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