Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thursday August 30th 2012
Day Thirty Nine at Mountain Creek State High School

Session 1 today was my aerobics class! We were all working hard to finish and perfect the routines. I am looking forward to holding my own dress rehearsal assessment tomorrow. I am proud of myself. The PE head director looked over the assessment I created, and asked if he could add it to their collection. I love the fact that my work is worthy for a real high school. I must have learned from the very best at home!! I feel so much a part of this team; I cannot imagine saying goodbye next week. Session 2 I was asked to come into another aerobics class to watch the routines and give feedback. It is interesting comparing all the classes’ abilities. Melissa and I ordered school polo’s a while back and they came in today. I am saving it to wear my last day. It is so bitter sweet being here. I fit in so well, but yet know in the back of my head I am leaving shortly. School has become complete habit and natural for me. I can only hope for my next placement to be the same.

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