Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Friday August 31st 2012
Day Forty at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was a full on day of aerobics!! I went to session one with Melissas teacher to hold our dress rehearsal. We video tapped them and I took the videos home for me to complete the assessments. They were all prepared fairly well with their routines completed. I only wish I could of spent more time with all the aerobics classes because I can compare how well my own class is to the others. There were a few really great routines! Session 2 it was my class and when I walked in I was SO happy to see all the groups in matching costumes. I thought it was adorable. It really proved to me how much they respect me by following my directions. This assessment is not compulsory nor for a grade, and yet they still ALL came, dressed and ready. I was so proud. Each group went and I probably looking like a fool with the big grin on my face. It amazed me how well they came out to be. I loved seeing them matching and performing for our visitors with confidence. In the end, the room was filled with energy and everyone seemed to be happy. We took a whole bunch of pictures and I am so glad to take these memories home with me. I went to visit another aerobics class session 3 to help with feedback. I have now seen all 4 aerobic classes and I think I am bias but I just love mine the most. I went into this class providing my students with a solid aerobic warm up each class, new moves to learn from me, help in finding songs, stretching, and cool downs; I can now see how much of a help all of that appropriate teaching did for my class. We truly set the bar for the rest and I am so proud to call them mine. I am sad I do not get to see the real assessments; however my teacher will send me the videos in email!

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