Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday September 5th 2012
Day Forty Three at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was a very easy going day. Year 12 students are taking the QCS tests this week. This means that all year 12 students participating come to the student center and sit for the exam. All other year 12 students just do not have class. Basically this gave me a whole bunch of free time. I have already finished up my planning for the week, and today I decided to start organizing my things at my desk. It was a sad task to do. Session 4 was my only class today and it was year 9 sexuality. I was so excited ready to go with a whole bunch of prizes. I spent so much time creating this jeopardy game for the students that literally went right along with their exam next week. I thought they would have fun and play the game while learning. Honestly it was a disaster. I gave them 5 minutes to review before hand and even from the start they were chatty. I hate yelling at these students but I had to because they were just so hyped up. By the time we finally started the game I must have commented on behavior at least 6 times already. During the game I was trying my best to ignore the constant talking and lack of attention, but I could not take it anymore. I was done. I told them absolutely no talking for the rest of class. I shut my laptop and put all my stuff away and sat there in silence with them. After 15 minutes, I had them all grab a sheet of paper and write out 5 reasons why I stopped the game and then 1 thing they did positively or negatively. Once they were finished I had them raise their hand and I came over to read what they had written. They all knew they were being rude and talkative. I just was so upset because these are usually my favorite students to have! I was so annoyed and felt totally disrespected. In the end they all seemed pretty disappointed in themselves. I have them tomorrow one last night in the gym, and I guess I will see how they behave then. I cannot get over the fact that this was how we ended our last theory lesson together. I am very disappointed in them and truly hope they understand why. 

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