Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday August 24th 2012
Day Thirty Five at Mountain Creek State High School

Last night I met up with another pre-service teacher named Jordie. He plays AFL and was able to help me create a lesson for today. We went over the rules and even got up and passed the footy around. He taught me how to perform a kick for a demonstration, but also great tips when teaching the students. I also learned how to perform ball handling. It was really fun connecting with another pre-service teacher here. Not to mention it was a fun way to interact with him on a more social level. I learned a lot and I was actually impressed with how quickly I caught on. Today AFL was first session! Jordie’s class and my class combine and this is where I have about 40 male students. This is always a tough one for me! I was in charge of leading the lesson and Jordie was basically my assistant. I killed the demonstration and I was so excited! He also seemed excited, knowing it was him who taught me! The boys were not listening well and I still struggle in ordering them around. I need to be more firm from the beginning. I just feel like I want them to like me, so it’s hard to find that balance. Session 2 was my aerobics class and today made me happy. Most of the groups are close to finishing their 2 minute routines. They are coming along so nicely. Next week I am doing aerobics assessments for 3 different classes. This is not even for a grade for the students, but I am using it as my own practice to assess and give feedback. I am proud with the groups and excited to see how they turn out next week. Session 3 my year 8 class started their assessments. They have been creating their own team sport games during theory lessons, and today 2 groups had to teach the class their own games. It was so fun watching. The games went fairly well! It was management and organization that stumped them both. I guess it is a common thing to mess up on, seeing how I still sometimes can’t figure it out!! The weekend is here and I am so ready to chill out.

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