Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday August 20th 2012
Day Thirty One at Mountain Creek State High School

I have had a head cold for a couple of days and this particular Monday was a tough one for me. It was not the fact that my classes were difficult, but just being up and ready to go all the time is not an easy task when I feel a bit sick. When I am a student, I can go through the motions of school and get by just fine when I do not feel well. When I am the teacher, I have to be energetic and ready for anything no matter how I feel. I am the one all the students are looking at, and I constantly had to remind myself of that today. It was my teachers’ birthday over the weekend and it was great to see her in a different light. I joined her and her friends for lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. I really love hanging together outside of school it truly helps me feel a part of her life. A girl in our staff house has announced she is pregnant and my teacher, along with a few other girls, all have encouraged me to talk to the principal to let her know I am interested in a contract here next year. How exciting is that!! I love the fact that my teacher and other teachers look at me and think I am capable of working her for real (I am really loving this). School is becoming more natural for me and I have gotten the hang of everything by now. I am ready to get home and rest to hopefully feel better before the rest of my long week!

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