Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friday July 27th 2012

Day Fifteen at Mountain Creek State High School

Today was a busy day in school!! I taught session 1-3. My mornings run smooth because I have two aerobic classes in a row. These classes are working so hard to impress me and it is really making me feel good. I love seeing them improve and have fun. At the end of each class I have them perform what they have practiced for the others to watch. I think this has been a really good way for them to get the feel of performing in front of others. At least they will be comfortable in front of these classmates when it comes to the assessment. The students are becoming fond of me, and I am really enjoying their company. I never thought I would enjoy high school as much as I am. I think it is because they are old enough to understand the basics of how school goes, but yet at the same time seem young and carefree to have fun during my lessons. During session 3 I had a bit of difficulty teaching. My year 8 class was outside on the oval and we were doing a Touch unit. I was hot in the sun, not used to the overwhelming big oval we were on, and just intimidated all around. I had my whole lesson planned and it just seemed to go in a totally different direction. It was hard to get my drills across without the help of my teacher. This is defiantly because I never played team sports like this. I could invasion what I planned, but putting it into words I really struggled. My teacher does not require me to write out the Cortland PE lesson plan, but after today I realized how much it helps me to prepare. I know I have a lot I can improve on with this class and I am looking forward to seeing myself after another 6 weeks.

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