Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday July 26th 2012
Day Fourteenth at Mountain Creek State High School

Every day gets better for me. The more I am here teaching, the more I actually feel like a teacher. I feel very accepted at school by the staff. I do not feel like a student what so ever. I have been invited to join teachers to do things, and it is amazing how welcoming they all are. I love the fact that I am a grown up in this situation, which I know back home student teaching will be different. Yesterday my host teacher and I stayed after school to pick 19 girls out of the 50 who tried out for interschool basketball team. It is just a year 8 team and most of these girls have never played before. It was a different perspective choosing teams. I felt terrible telling so many no. But when it came down to it, some just really were not fit for the game. Todays lessons went well. Aerobics is becoming repetitive and easy. My host teacher and I talked about giving me more of a challenge which I am happy about. Melissa and I will be switching back classes in 2 weeks. The aerobics class I took of hers she will then have, and my team sports class I will take back. This will give me the chance to teach year 12 in sports. I still have my regular aerobics class, who I am growing very fond of so that is good. But I am excited to challenge my teaching skills, mess up a lot, and learn from the mistakes. It has been a long week, and I really cannot wait to relax! I stayed late at school today and planned lessons up til Tuesday next week. I am very proud of this; now I can be worry free over the weekend! 

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