Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday July 20th 2012
Day Ten at Mountain Creek State High School

Today went by extremely fast. I taught aerobics lesson 1 and 2 which both ran smooth. My teacher Kim told me at the end that she has been so impressed with how well I am managing the class. We have a basic routine now and the students are getting along with it quickly. After we warm up and stretch, I always feel it's a good idea to bring them in and discuss the expectations for the rest of class time. I notice that with my aerobics class I see three times a week, I have gotten very comfortable with. I know everyone's name in this class and man that feels great! These students are also more comfortable with me. Today they were joking around, laughing, and enjoying themselves, all while getting work done. I have been so happy with what I am seeing. I also went outside today with my year 8 class in session 3. We played a version of kick ball called continuous kick ball. It actually was really interesting, something new I learned. The students had a great time, and sun was shining. I got to see hands on how my teaching in theory will help these students improve. Our class is called team sports (for prac) and team tactics/skills (for theory). I can not wait to plan my lesson for Monday going over what I saw today while they were playing. I am loving every minute of teaching. Now it's Friday and I get to enjoy myself and relax!!

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