Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thursday July 12th 2012
Day Four at Mountain Creek State High School
            I am glowing with excitement right now! My very first lesson taught is done, and it was done well. I was filled with nerves this morning in the staff house going over and over the steps to my warm up routine. Once my teacher and I arrived in the gym, I felt better. The students seemed to be excited as well which calmed my nerves. I felt in control of the class and it gave me confidence. Once the music started, all my planned steps kind of mushed into one long song. I managed to keep moving and recalling steps as I went along. But I defiantly did not go in the order planned!! As a teacher I know this will happen so I am really thankful I didn’t freeze and could still move forward. To the kids, it probably did not even seem like I had gone off pattern. They were all trying and I was very impressed with their enthusiasm. I was hot by the end of the 4 minutes and the kids were all sweaty as well. I felt like it was a job well done. We took a water break and then repeated the warm up now that they had a feel of what was expected. The girls in the class were having fun and laughing, and the boys were laughing as well. My teacher and I were enjoying our-selves as well and it was a fun lesson to teach. I now have a much better idea of what the class is capable of for the upcoming lessons. I am so happy I jumped in and in front of students so early on. I know this is what will help my confidence! All the activity classes I took and Cortland are really helping me while being up in the front of class moving around. I am happy to say I feel comfortable. There is still a lot to learn and I am eager for that process to continue. A really awesome thing that happened was my teacher talking to the other teachers about how well the aerobics went. I felt so proud! It feels good to impress someone first time around, I only hope I keep doing it. Tomorrow I will be teaching two more aerobics classes. Planning will begin now! 

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