Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday July 16th 2012
Day Six at Mountain Creek State High School

            School was stress free today. Melissa and I found out this morning that we have two bikes now to transport to and from school! It was the greatest news. This means we can sleep in an extra 20 minutes each morning, and get a nice bike ride rather than a long walk. During session 1 the year 10 students began their first day weight training in the gym. The gym owner is who runs the program. So meanwhile, mine and Melissa’s teacher along with ourselves walk around and assist those who need help. I was surprised to see how terrible these students were at the basic knowledge of fitness. Rather than sport, training is my area of expertise so I had no problem going to the students and correcting their form. I wanted them to really understand the point of the movement. I can remember back to my high school weight unit and I just went through the motions and wasted time. It is clear to me a lot of students react that way in these types of situations. Because I am aware of this, I believe I am more capable in responding different to ensure they are getting better understanding. There was a Health Hero’s seminar at a different high school today. We took about 20 students with us and were gone from session 2 until the beginning of session 4. There was a nice introduction of the seminar, and then the students and teachers were free to roam around and talk to the many health care providers to get information about their work. They all had different stations set up with pamphlets and information regarding their career. It was nice to walk around and stop at various places that relate to what I will be teaching in theory. I grabbed some sheets that I thought may be helpful down my teaching road. I really enjoyed seeing the students mingle and talk to the adults, getting information, and seemingly enjoying themselves. Once we left the seminar I had session 4 to plan for the week. I will be teaching 5 classes for this week and I am pumped! I am a bit nervous because of how much I will need to plan. But I know I can do it, and I am ready to take this full on!

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