Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday July 30th 2012
Day Sixteen at Mountain Creek State High School

My teacher was sick today. She texted me early in the morning to inform me which helped me plan on the way to school. I was already planning on teaching 2 lessons today so I was prepared for those 2 sessions. Session 1 and 4 I do not teach, so really I was all set for the day. What I got to experience today rather than other days was the fact of finding my way to each class completely on my own, letting the students into the classroom, being in charge of taking the roll for every class, assigning homework, collecting homework, and everything else in between. I LOVED today. My lessons went great and I had no problems at all. I think because my teacher was absent the students gave me more respect than they usually do with her there. I set the law down hard for them and really made it clear that I was not going to put up with any of their talking or disrespect. My year 8 class was terrible last Monday so I knew I had to be strict today. I wrote class rules on the board for them to copy, and I moved 4 students from their seats during the lesson. If they talked, that was it for me; I called their name and told them to move immediately. It was amazing how they listened when I was firm. Although I was a bit nervous being alone, I really enjoyed the pressure free feeling of teaching. 

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