Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday July 19th 2012
Day Nine at Mountain Creek State High School

            I was so nervous this morning on my bike ride to school. I knew that session 1 I was to be observed by my principal. I got here early and went over my lesson plan in my head. I tried to relax and drink my coffee, but really I felt very prepared. I taught my lesson, and even incorporated new things off the top of my head throughout! I felt like it went really good considering I have only been teaching for a week now. I know I forget a few things, and I obviously will always have things to work on, but to say the least I am very proud with myself and how well my students were. Session 2 I also took over by instructing the students on what the activity was to be completed. I really enjoy being up in front of a classroom which I never really experienced before. I feel very in control and also older. I believe I am getting the hang of this and I really love the fact that I jumped right in. I compare myself to the other students from New York and I noticed I am teaching a lot, and I am thankful for this. It is a bit much at the moment only because of organization and routine. But once I get into a pattern I know I am going to enjoy this. I got my staff ID card today; I feel more like a teacher every time I come! My teacher and I are going to get our hair done together on Saturday morning, and it feels so nice to be treated as not only an equal, but like a colleague. I think it is so neat I can actually socialize with everyone outside of school knowing that this probably will not happen in the US. I have also been invited to attend Church Sunday morning with Melissa’s teacher, his wife, and 2 boys. I cannot even describe how excited I am for this. Being able to fit in with the staff is something I was worried about, and slowly I am feeling more comfortable with my sub house. 

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