Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday July 11th 2012
Day Three at Mountain Creek State High School

            Today was athletics day at school. All classes are canceled, and instead the students are bused to the University to participate and compete in different sports. Seniors go first and then juniors come later in the afternoon. My teacher, Melissa and I worked a double shift. So we got picked up from our apartments around 7:15am which was a nice change from walking 40 minutes to school. Once we arrived at the university, we started to bring the tents over to the stadium and oval to set up. Ironically there were kangaroos on the oval! I thought that was cool. We set everything up and the students started to arrive. They sat in their sub division school and the competitions began. Unfortunately it started to rain. The day just went downhill from there. While it was fun at first watching the students compete, the rain just gave them less motivation. It started to become unsafe for them to participate. The head of the athletics day started to worry! We had to make a decision of whether to continue or not. We ended up bussing the seniors back right around the time the juniors were arriving. We thought we could have the juniors compete the running, but in the end we decided to bring them back as well. We were all bummed about this and it now means a lot more of work for us to get the students to compete at school in P.E. classes. The best part of this day was the fact that I met a lot of teachers. I talked to two older teachers who have been working here for 12-15 years. It was nice to get to know more people I will be working with. In the end, Melissa and I got to get home a bit early and that was a nice surprise. I had more time to plan and prepare for my aerobics class tomorrow!

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