Thursday, February 2, 2012

EDU 355 Lab 4

Lab Four: Improving Manipulation With Bean Bag Challenges

1. Explain how a unit based on lessons of this nature would serve as a foundation for acquiring specialized throwing and catching skills. Using objects such as bean bags give the child a better chance to catch and throw properly because larger objects are more difficult to control. The bean bags are soft and light so it is less feared by young ones. During most of these activities the child is not aware of the catching and throwing, when in reality that is exactly what they are practicing. 

2. Identify a theme that could be applied to health hopping appropriate for young children. I really enjoyed the Lion King theme but if I had to choose my own theme I think I could use the 'Olympics' as one. Each station could be a different Country and activity that relates. This could be good for young children because they get to learn about the Olympics and also see different names of places that participate.

3. Design a checklist of critical elements to look for when observing a child performing a loco-motor movement. When a child is performing the loco-motor movement such as jumping a checklist could look something like this: flexion of both arms and knees, arms extended behind the body, arms extend forcefully forward and upward, arms reach full extension above the head, take off and land on both feet simultaneously, arms brought downward during landing.

4. List 2 bean bag games you can also use. The students can hold their bean bag in their hands with palms open and facing down. They must try to catch the bean bag on the top of the hands without letting it fall. Then move to more advanced where they must throw the bean bag and catch it on the body part named before hand. Example: This time let's try to catch it on our backs! Another bean bag activity could be throwing and catching with bean bags. The children can have one partner and they are facing each other about 10 feet away. There are contents that will hold the bean bags such as hula hoops or small buckets. They will have a certain amount of bean bags and they must successfully toss and catch the bag and put it into their spot. Once they are done they must run and meet in the middle to clap hands and say DONE!

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