Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field Experience Day 5

St. Marys School - 5th grade

TOPIC: Curriculum and NYS Standards 

Today in my school the students had a 'run club' day. The point of this day is to have the students move consistently for 20 minutes. The course is set up with 6 cones along the square of the gym giving the students an idea of where to run. There are also 6 inflatable things that are used for hurdling over during the run. Now from what I have seen, this PE program has a very strong curriculum. They focus on different units that incorporate basic loco-motor skills and the older grades begin to focus on basic skills for certain sports and activities. Right now they are in a floor hockey unit. They never reach game play which in my eyes is a good thing. The progressions are small and help the students learn many basics necessary for hockey. My host teacher has explained that the next unit is gymnastics and what they use for this unit. A lot of things they will work on deal with skill themes and movement concepts such as balance, leaping, running, turning, twisting, rolling, stretching, with partners, solo, over, under, high, middle, low etc. In my opinion the school is on the right track for meeting the NYS standards. The run club for example is a great way for these kids to focus on fitness. The units they use are great for skills. The PE program does incorporate safety every class. Some areas they could work on could be the affective domain and personal living skills. They are very physically focused which is great, but that other part is a necessity especially for young kids. 

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