Friday, February 10, 2012

Field Experience Day 3

FIELD EXPERIENCE DAY THREE on February 10th 2012
St. Marys School - 2nd grade

TOPIC: Management strategies

Today in school my host teacher had given the students free time. He said the entire week was wild and they needed some time to just play. Next week we are starting a new unit of floor hockey and the students were all very excited. Although the children were having a great time playing on their own, I think I would have tried something different. When it comes to managing a class, I think these days of 'free time' are a great way to make sure the students are on track still from the beginning of the year. There are many activities that can be done during a transition between units that can keep the students active and on task but also more relaxed. My host teacher holds his class very well. Although I do not fully agree with each activity choice, the students clearly respect him. His management skills are effective and positive. When students need to talk to him, they raise their hand, or walk over to him. If something is going wrong during the lesson the students usually come up and explain the issue. His strategy for when students get into small arguments is to send them out to get a drink of water one at a time. He said usually that works and they have 30 seconds to relax and move on. He has rules posted on the wall and also a warm up poster that holds a spot for a paper of warm ups (switched each day). I truly think the children are all well behaved. It may be because it is a private school, I really am not sure. But there has not been many behavior issues yet and everyone is usually getting along. Some routines the students follow are always asking to get a drink or go to the bathroom. They also come in and start the warm up right away and when they are finished they sit along a line and wait for the rest. At the end of class the students put away all equipment and line up to leave. I think these routines work very well! I am defiantly keeping some ideas for my own career!

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