Monday, February 20, 2012

Field Experience Day 4

St. Marys School - 5th grade

TOPIC: Students with Special Needs

From my understanding, watching and teaching these kids, I have not been able to notice any student will a disability. Clearly I may be wrong. However, from where I stand they are all very close to being at the same level physically. This truly gave me a great insight on this school. I am unsure if the students are separated into an adapted PE program if they do have special needs, but I am almost positive that is not the case. My host teacher is the only PE teacher at the school, and his schedule is based on classes. The entire class comes in, participates and learns, and then the entire class leave. I asked my host teacher if there was a possibility to come into a class at a different time where there may be a student will special needs so I could observe. Because this is a private school and the students are paying to be there, I feel as if the school does a great job keeping the children at a good pace and ability levels. I did notice some students are very hyper and talkative, but other than that there was nothing that caught my eye. 


  1. Have you asked your mentor teacher about students with disabilities in the school?

  2. Yes and we have actually just visited that class this week so I will touch on this subject again!