Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Field Experience Day 2

FIELD EXPERIENCE DAY TWO on February 7nd 2012
St. Marys School - 5th grade

TOPIC: Knowledge of Students

Today was a different experience than last week. The difference between the 2nd graders and 5th graders is enormous. These students were very aware of what was going on. They came right into the gym and began the warm up that was on the board. Once they finished they waited for attendance to be taken and listened well for instructions. Rob and I got to hop in with scoring and refereeing during the volleyball game. It was not much, but at least it was more than observing. The students seem very energetic and excited to be there. It truly makes it that much better being somewhere where the kids enjoy activity. I witnessed something very cool today. During the game one of the students 'carried' the volleyball. That team was defending him saying it still counts, and the other team came over to me asking who gets the ball. I looked over to the boy and asked him if he carried the ball, and he was very honest in saying yes I think I did. I was shocked and very impressed. Because we were playing a volleyball game the entire class time (besides the warmup) the knowledge I noticed were the rules that they knew for volleyball. However the lack of knowledge I observed was the fact that every student ran toward the ball. It was a big clump each time the ball got hit. If it were me, I think I would have done more of a rotation for the students. They were using a medium sized Omniken ball and this may be why they all try to help because it is so big. But still I think the students need to realize about taking turns and being in the correct spots. Altogether the students really are great here and I feel so lucky to work with them. They are respectful and listen well.

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