Friday, February 3, 2012

Field Experience Day 1

FIELD EXPERIENCE DAY ONE on February 3rd 2012
St. Marys School - 2nd grade

TOPIC: Reflection on lesson

Today went really good! My host teacher was so fun and excited to have us. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the experience. While I was watching the lesson so many things popped into my head. The kids came in and were all dressed in pajamas! It was spirit week this week and Friday was their pajama day. It was so adorable. They all came in and sat down to wait for directions. When my teacher began talking, the students already knew the activity of the day due to how the gym was set up. They listened well and all seemed very excited to be in PE. At the end of every month PE class holds a running day. Today was the running day from the end of January. So there were 4 cones set up in each corner where the kids had to run around. They run for 12 minutes total and then are allowed to some free time. They briefly talked about what to do if they get tired, or seem to not feel good. All the kids raised their hands to answer and they understood to walk until they felt ready to run again. For the most part the kids ran the whole 12 minutes with only short breaks. It was pretty impressing to me. Great fitness time for them! Music was being played and they were all smiling each time they passed by us. Once the buzzer went off that was the cue that they can have free time. Most of them ran out to get a drink of water. I did not see one student not playing. It was truly great. They all were participating in whatever activity they enjoyed. Some throwing a football, some hula hooping, some practicing gymnastics on mats, and more. I really learned that the children respect the teacher and behave very well. They have routines in place and the kids are familiar with how the class runs. I am so excited to go back on Tuesday to learn more!!

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  1. Glad to see your experience started in a great and active way! Next time, get busy and show them what you got!