Monday, February 20, 2012

EDU 355 Lab 9/10

Lab Nine: Carpet Sample Fitness
Lab Ten: Exercising Imagination and Building Inanimate Objects

1. Identify a fitness theme and design appropriate fitness stations to enhance various health and skill related components of fitness. A fitness theme that may be used could be 'Reach for the Stars'. The gym would be decorated with different types of stars and objects that are found in the sky. For the fitness stations they could be as followed: Station 1 Balance- balance from one star spot on the ground to the other hoping from one foot to the other. Station 2 Power- Throwing balls from the line with power aiming at the star targets on the ball. Station 3 Stretch- Give each student a star and have them hold it above their head, point towards different directions to have them reach for the star while stretching. Station 4 Strength- Have students try to form a star in groups of 5 with their bodies in push up positions, once they have made a star they must perform 5 push ups. Station 5 Cardiovascular Endurance- Have students pick a card, however many stars are on that card are the amount of seconds they must jump rope for.

2. Identify people that are famous for use of imagination and creativity such as Einstein, Picasso and Bach. Some people that come to mind are Phil Knight who invented APPLE and Walt Disney.

3. Design a rubric for assessing the acting-out of inanimate objects by students in small groups as described in the activity close of this lab.

Do all students have a role to play:   Y    N
Do students make the actions and sounds realistic as possible:    Y   N
Can the class guess what they are acting out:    Y    N

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