Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field Experience Day 6

St. Marys School - 6th grade

TOPIC: Reflection on Lesson

Today the students came in and the plan was for them to have run club. The students and my host teacher made an agreement to change run club to tomorrow in order for their classroom teacher to come participate. Because of this sudden switch my host teacher did not have a back up lesson plan. What he did was have the students raise their hand and call out a warm up game they wanted to vote on. The vote that won was the game ghost and goblins. After the warm up we set up a variation game of dodge ball. It was with a ton of large blue mats and cheese mats up on each side of the gym for the teams to hide behind. The rules were that if you are directly hit with a ball (meaning it did not touch anyone or anything prior to hitting you) you are out. The students who are out sit in order of which they become out. All balls must be thrown shoulder level or lower. Players who throw a ball and hit the other sides backboard get two players back in. If you catch a ball you get one player back in. My host teacher went over safety and the rules and the teams were all ready to go. We ended up playing about 4 rounds. For the longest time I had this opinion that any type of dodge ball game was inappropriate for PE class. However, reflecting on this class I have to say I changed my mind. Every single student participated, and the amount of time they were out for was miniscule to the amount of time they played for. They practiced dodging, jumping, throwing, catching, leaping, and running. According to the type of game if modified correctly I believe can be influential. The students faces were all red, they were laughing and using teamwork, the girls were all into it and it seemed like they really were having fun. Although some may say no 'real' learning went on today; I have to disagree due to the fact that I saw the students learn from previous mistakes and correct them in the following rounds. All in all the class was active and had a good time!

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