Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EDU 355 Lab 3

Lab Three: Locomotor Skills Applied In Low Organized Games

1. Select one of the locomotor skills and create your own set of teaching cues. JUMP - double arms swing, double legs bend

2. Identify the specific pathways used in each of the low organized games present in the lesson focus. In the introductory activity the pathways are straight zig-zaged and curved. For the fitness activity the pathway was follow the leader which incorporated leadership from each student and also cognitive learning in coming up with cues while moving. Forest ranger utilizes a circular pathways. In this game as the inner circle becomes smaller, the game becomes more challenging with regard to space awareness.

3. Select a topic for a class talk and outline the questions and key points that would help you guide a class talk. A topic I could use for a class talk may be teamwork. Some key questions may include: what does teamwork mean? Why is it important to use teamwork in PE? How will learning to use teamwork help you throughout life? Describe to me a time today you used teamwork.

4. Make a checklist of performance points to look for in one of the locomotor movements. Gallop performance points: one foot in the lead, back foot never passes, belly button forward, shoulders forward, slight air time.

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