Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just a little about me!

I am from Syracuse NY, which at this moment I am proud to admit because we are #1 in the country for basketball! I grew up in Rochester NY until 5th grade and moved to Syracuse for the remainder of my life. I think Syracuse is a nice city, but I really do not see myself living there forever. I really enjoy dancing, hiking, and rollerblading. But I also enjoy staying fit by lifting on my own time and choosing different cardiovascular machines to work out on. Sometimes it is not easy to enjoy working out like that, but I really love the results I get and how my body feels after. If I were better at basketball I think I would really enjoy playing. Some personal experience with elementary children started 2 years ago when I became a volunteer cheer coach for my church. It was not intense or competitive and the girls were roughly between 5 and 9 years of age. I loved doing this mainly because the girls and I all become so close. We meet once a week and had one game every Saturday. It was so fun and they were all so adorable doing what I taught them. The best part was how recognized my team became due to the fact that my church usually had parents coaching and I actually had experience in cheerleading. It made a huge difference even with the smallest skills. Also shown in previous posts are all my labs from 201 motor development. These labs show my experience with students in K-6th grade in an after school program. We played games together and had a bunch of fun. I even got to teach a few times! It was a really wonderful experience and put in perspective what age range I'd like to be in. From this class I expect to become more comfortable with being in control of the students. I want to be the teacher and I want the students to see me that way! I can't wait to start!!

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