Monday, April 30, 2012

Teaching P.E. in Paradise

AUSTRALIA!! To say the least, it is beautiful here. I live about 2 minutes from the beach and pacific ocean where the waves and sun sets are now apart of my daily life. For the first two weeks of being here, the 25 other New York students and I took a course with our supervisor here in Aussie to learn to culture and school 
systems. We traveled to the 10 different schools we would be teaching at along the coast. And we also learned much advice in how to adjust to living and being apart of the community here. We then went on a twelve day trip up to Magnetic Island, Cairnes, and a bit into the outback. It was absolutely life changing. I have never felt so blessed. It is gorgeous here and I have only been having a wonderful time. I start teaching on July 9 and I just cannot wait to begin this next part of the journey. Check out some of the pictures of where we took class, where we live, the beach, some of our trip, and just great memories already made!

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