Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Experience Day 15

St. Marys School - 5th grade

TOPIC: Reflection of Lesson

Today the students were able to chose either to stay inside and perform run club or head outside for free time. Like any normal 5th grader, the students all chose to go outside. Seeing this re-occurring theme of heading outside truly bothers me. I have tried very hard to enhance learning by bringing ideas and plans, yet it seems as if the weather dictates what happens in class. If I had my own choice I would defiantly choose to be a different type of teacher than my host. I know going outside is a bit different at this school because the lack of a field. I believe if there were a field or some type of outside area other than the playground, my host teacher would be able to teach more efficiently. No matter what the weather is, I think it is a smarter decision to go through with plans already made rather than just give the students 'free time'. Although this makes the students happy and active, it really promotes no learning what so ever. Other than the basic warm up performed daily, the students were not working on anything related to physical education.

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