Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Experience Day 16

St. Marys School - Pre-K

TOPIC: Reflection of Lesson

Again, the students were privileged in going outside on the playground. The only thing different from today out compared to the other days on the play ground was a fire drill with this group of students. As the fire alarm went off the students lined up quietly at the gate and were checked for attendance.This procedure was very professional and impressed me. The safety of the students was highly emphasized during this drill. Not only was attendance checked more than once during the drill, the students were all very well behaved. The students are so young yet they all followed the directions without any disruptions. I believe seeing how the students and teachers react in a fire drill situations shows how important the safety of everyone really is. Because I am constantly learning about teaching, I thought it was a great experience to get the feel of a real school situation such as a fire drill. I was impressed with how all students of all grade levels followed instructions and am glad I got to experience this as well.

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