Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Experience Day 14

St. Marys School - Kindergarten

TOPIC: Reflection of Lesson

The weather was beautiful and my host teacher decided to give the students an opportunity to play on the playground. Before we went outside the students performed the daily warm-up with jogging four laps, jumping jacks and sit-ups. While outside I noticed several students come up to my host teacher, my partner, or myself tattling about situations that were not considered severe at all. I found that this happens often with this grade level. Eventually, the large amount of tattling began to focus on one student in particular causing the problems. My host teacher pulled the student aside and spoke to him about why he was acting out.  No other mishaps occurred during the remainder of the class time.
While the management was handled well, I do believe the class was not efficient. The students had fun playing outside, but there was no learning going on. This has happened often times when weather is nice. I do not believe this is how physical education class should go. If anything, the students should play a specific game or activity while outside to ensure learning still occurs. If I were this physical education teacher I would do everything and anything to keep the kids actively learning. It is disappointing to see lack of teaching as often as I have.

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