Thursday, March 22, 2012

Field Experience Day 7

St. Marys School - 2nd grade

TOPIC: Management Strategies

Today was run club for the students. As talked about previously, the students goal is to run consistently for 20 minutes. They get to listen to music and also go at their own pace. The way my host teacher manages the class during run club is very efficient. The students come in and immediately start the warm up that is posted on the wall. While the students warm up the teacher takes attendance. The boundaries are already set up once the students come in and the equipment is ready to go.
I believe that the way he runs this day makes the students look at running in a positive light. It seems to me that each student really is genuinely excited when they walk into the gym and see it is set up for run club. This really made me question how he got all these young students motivated to run for twenty minutes. I do not know if I would even be motivated to run for twenty minute when I was their age. I think the fact that my host teacher has explained to the students about their bodies giving them signals of when to take a small break, they feel more comfortable trying to go for the full twenty knowing that they will rest when they feel the need. He goes over the basic rules and guidelines and when a student raises their hand he turns to them and answers their question. Because he has the students in a routine and they understand that the certain equipment  out means run club, they know what to expect. There was no complaining, and all but 4 can run for 90% of the time. I really like this whole run club idea, it gets the students motivated to achieve goals. My host teacher keeps track of who can consistently run the entire 20 minutes and those students are privately rewarded. Not only does this increase their motivation, but they hopefully will encourage others as well.

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